The Pakistan Community Centre has maintained the services that we have always provided but has in fact strengthened the overall quality and the delivery of the service provision.

The Pakistani Centre has a licence to perform Civil marriages. The Centre is able to offer civil marriages in the Main Hall and we are able to get the Registrar over to complete the marriage certificate. Saving you the hassle of going to the Derby Register office to have a civil service performed. You can have both the Nikha and civil wedding at our centre. Please mention that you would like to have the civil ceremony included when you book the Hall.

The main concentration and demand is on the following sectors: -

  • Immigration
  • Passport attestations - including securing the provision for British Passports
  • First stage advice related to welfare, Education, housing benefits, employment, Debts etc.
  • Venue Hire
  • Translations
  • Representation - solicitors etc
  • Registered for civil service


The Chairman, the Secretary and the Manager are actively involved in networking and realise the necessity and importance.

The Centre is actively involved in all local affairs and has seats at Police Meetings, Council Meetings (MCDF), and has significantly tried to enhance the Pakistani contribution towards the City as a whole and we are actively seeking the engagement of the Pakistani Community in all Derby City Policy Matters. (I.e. Encourage Recruitment of more Pakistani workforce in organisations to reflect the proportionate make-up of the CITY. The Centre has been at the forefront of efforts to ensure that our local voluntary organisations are consistently funded.

The Centre is involved with all local voluntary groups i.e. Young Muslim Organisation, Ikhlas Foundation, Derby City Youth Project, JET, Derby Law Centre and other smaller organisations that need the support of the Centre.

The Centre has been actively involved in regular meetings with the Local Education Authority which has ensured better Achievement Figures and also to shape the Policy of the other schools.

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